Empower and support young creatives in SparkFest to forge forward in their professional career through NewSparks

NewSparks is an exciting new funding initiative that is running alongside our SparkFest festival of live and digital performance this spring. Dedicated to supporting Bath Spa students and alumni in the next steps of their creative career once they have graduated from their degree.

“For a small company or group of creatives, fundraising really does make the biggest difference. It allows you to further your creation process, build a reputation as a fair employer, and provide a base to advertise your business.” - Billie-Jo Rainbird (BA (Hons) Acting, 2020)

We are inviting you to invest in our students and alumni by donating to NewSparks, and ensure that the creatives of tomorrow have every opportunity to realise their ambitions. 

Money raised by the fund is available to graduating Bath Spa students and alumni who have participated in SparkFest. The fund will be available for these Sparkfest entrants to apply to in order to kick start their creative projects upon leaving University.

“In 2018, I was funded by Bath Spa to travel to Germany and perform my street show, The Suitcase Memorial, as part of Coburg's Beyond Forgetting event. Allowing me to gain my first international credit as a theatre maker. The project boosted my career and opened doors that have allowed me to develop a sustainable career as a grassroots theatre maker.” - Matt Emeny (BA (Hons) Acting, 2015)

Bath Spa Productions has a history of nurturing graduates and alumni with encouragement, mentoring and advice to help get their ideas to an audience and this fund will complement and enhance that support. Providing financial assistance is also key to open up the possibilities. Your donation will help to cover overheads such as rehearsal spaces, marketing collateral or registration fees for festivals, with costs ranging from between £50 to £500.

“As Bath Spa graduates, we're proud to belong to a community of fantastic artists that take risks, take up space, and create bold new work in theatre. Receiving funds will allow us to be ambitious in our plans to get our work seen, help cover our expenses, and will fund quality costumes, set and props to bolster our work.” - Jacob Aldcroft (BA (Hons) Acting, 2019)

It is difficult for emerging creatives to forge their way in the industry at the best of times, but Covid 19 has impacted the arts sectors and made it more challenging than ever. 

While there has been recovery funds for existing artists and organisations, there is no support for the new talent that is coming up, and they are going to have to find their own way through this unprecedented time.

Now more than ever these young creatives need our support, we need to ensure their creative voice is heard, that they are given every opportunity to be seen. This is important not just for them as artists but as a way forward for them to contribute in rebuilding the creative industries in the UK.

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    Lexi Dyer donated
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    Teresa Harris donated £15.00
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    Fred Reed donated £10.00
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    Nicola KRIKORIAN donated
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    Olivia Hylton donated
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    Ellie Nixon donated

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